Agee Software, Inc.

Options to Framework database

  1. GL Form & Reports
    Cont, Clothing, Medical, Svc, Charity, Phone
  2. Rpt w/3+ Sort / Subtotal combos
    SocialService, Pottery, Commission, Prem
  3. Questionaire
    Clinic / Physical, Audit, Medical, Realtor, DFW
  4. Restore Deleted
    Hospice, WorkersComp
  5. Letter w/ tags/RTF
    Mortgage, Project Charity
  6. Multi security levels
    Church, TruckHR, SocialServiceClinic
  7. Log
    WorkersComp, SBM, SocialServiceClinic, MLM, Cont, Clinic
  8. Appointment/Schedule
    SocialServiceClinic, SocialService, Clinic, Svc, Medical
  9. Recurring Schedule
    SBM, BldgMaint
  10. Doc form
    SocialServiceClinic, Clinic
  11. Import data
    TruckHR, Hospice, Commission, SBM

Simple Invoice (Apt)

Order/Invoice (Clothing)
RMA/Credit/NSF (Clothing)

Crosstab rpt (Agriculture)

Statistics (Agriculture)

10 demographics (SocialServiceClinic/SocialService)

40 subreports (Mortgage)

Graphics in rpts (Apt/Scrap/Mortgage)

ASP to Access (Clinic, MLM)

Feature / Preference Match (Apt)

Events (PoliticalContribution)

ID Scanner (Scrap)
Photo in frm (Scrap)
Barcode (TBINV/Clothing)

XML out (Scrap) in (Drug)
EDI (Hospice)
HL7 (Drug)
Import XLS (TruckHR/SBM/Drug)
MDB to ASP (Septic/MLM/Clinic)

ICD (Drug/Medical)

Panel/Test/Tst (Drug/RT)

Hide SSN

ExEmployee/Applicant (TruckHR)

Email (SBM)

SelAll / Clear n Sel / ShowSel
SelMine (SBM/Hospice)

ImageMagick command line for graphics