Click Setup to open the Setup form. Here you can set info about your company and the logo that will appear on invoices. CheckNo, MICR and Account are used on checks.

Color opens the Color form where you can select the background color for all forms for either super users or normal users.

. Link lets you specify where the data tables are located. You can set them to your server for multi-user networks or a local disk for single user use.

Backup lets you quickly save a copy of your data tables. Compact removes deleted records and rebuilds indexes in the data tables. It is similar to Defrag that is used on your hard drive.

Click State to see the State form.

Click User to open the User form. Each user can change his password on this form. Super users can add and change other users. A super user cannot delete himself.

Since this is a multi-user, secured database, it uses an MDW file that contains the encrypted user account in c:\work\. A backup of this MDW file is in AgeeBk.mdw on the server. If those files are not identical, the super user can't make changes to the user form. If that is the case, accept the update when you start the database. If no update is offered, manually copy Ageebk.mdw to c:\work and rename it. If your database is named Tri.mdb, name the MDW file Tri_.mdw. Once you have added or deleted a user or changed a password, you will see a message that AgeeBk.mdw has been updated. If this didn't occur correctly, you can manually copy your Tri_.mdw to the server and name it Ageebk.mdw. Never let a user use Ageebk.mdw or Tri.mdb on the server or you will get a sharing violation when you update user info or install a new version of the database.

Click Zip to open the Zip form to edit zip codes.