Click Setup on the Main menu to see the Setup form.

Enter data about your company and the payment company, default letter point of contact, signature info, interest rate. The Import combo shows files in the Import Folder that you specify. You can have the developer create multiple import specifications to import to the Mail table from various county formats. The Table combo lets you view raw data, read only, for all the tables in the system.

Click Export to export the table to Excel XLS or CSV, dBase or Clipper DBF, Access MDB or SNP, HTM, TXT, Wordpad or Word RTF. You can also enter a path to your company logo for reports. You can enter service providers like attorney or a underwriting service. If you check Barcode and have 3of9.ttf loaded in your Windows\Fonts folder, a large scanable barcode will appear on closing documents. Enter the Title Search Fee on the Setup form too.

Click County to open the County form. You must have a county record in the County table that exactly matches County in the Borrower table in order to create documents. Enter the Recording Fee and Filing Fee for the county.

The Payment form lets you track invoices, payments and deposits for a borrower.

The Fee form lets you set up default closing fees. Use this form for fees that are not different by county.

The holiday form lets you identify holidays so your close date is always on a work day.

The Do Not Mail form lets you import, export or edit BorrowerIDs that have opted out of your mailing lists.

Use the Notary form to store contact info about each notary.

Each user must have a user account. Super users can add and edit users and perform all functions in the database. Most features are read-only to Limited users. Normal users will have neither Limited checked. RTS access means the user can mark the loan as Ready to Send.

After you enter a user's password and verify it, click in the User Name field to fire the after update event that copies your c:\work\Mort_.mdw to T:\Ageebk.mdw so everybody can use the changes you made. This will tell them an update is available next time they log in.

The Invoices form is a menu of invoices.

You can automatically create invoices for loans with the Auto Invoice link. Use Auto Pay to mark them all paid. You can filter the list to Unpaid ACH or Unpaid Other and sort by any field to find specific invoices more easily. View and Print work for multiple Selected (SEL) invoices.

Click Edit on the Invoices form to open the Invoice form and edit an individual invoice. PvtCmt doesn't appear on the printed invoice, but Comment and InvoiceCmt does. Click Pay to mark the invoice paid date. The numeric +/- keys add or subtract a day each time they are pressed. Payment Method A = ACH and K = Check.

Set up Mortgage Holders on the Mort Holder form to track the borrower's liabilities.

Backup quickly saves a copy of the data tables to another location such as a flash drive. In addition to this handy offsite backup feature, ask the developer to set up a scheduled task to automatically back up several generations of your data locally.

Link lets you specify the location of the shared data tables. Use this if you change the mapped drive letter for all users or if you want to set up another copy of the database for offline use, training or archived data.

Quit lets administrators force all users out of the database within three minutes. You can enter a message telling the users when they can log back into the system. Within a minute, all users will see all the forms turn red and receive your message. Normal users are forced out of the system a minute later and can't log in until you cancel the quit. Click Start to begin the Quit process.

IMPORTANT: When you are done performing maintenance on the database, remember to Cancel the Quit so users can log back into the system.

Compact rebuilds the indexes, repairs and reduces the size of the tables database. This is best done monthly if you delete a lot of records. To Compact, you must have be the only user in the database, so it is best done after work. You will notice improved performance if you compact monthly.

NOTE: If you have users who connect through Terminal Services or remote desktop, you may need to use Task Manager to End Task on the msaccess.exe process instead of using the Quit feature.