Agee Software, Inc.

Police Department Workload Database

Click Setup on the Main menu to open the Setup form. Enter your Department info. The ImportFolder is the path to XLS files to be imported into the database.

Click TblDoc to create an HTML data dictionary. It describes each field in the database. To see the contents (read-only) of any table in the system, select it in the Table combo and click View.

Click Export to export the data viewed to Excel XLS, dBase/Clipper DBF, TXT, Excel CSV, Word/WordPad RTF or Access MDB. If you click Edit for a table, the form used to edit it will open.

Click Link to specify where the shared data tables are located. Backup lets you easily save the data tables database to a location you specify. By default, it names the file with today's date. Quit forces all the users out of the database within a couple minutes. Within a minute, all users screens will turn red and they will see a message you enter, such as Database is down for maintenance. Please try again at 3pm. Within another minute, the users who don't exit will be forced off the system. Any Super user can cancel the Quit and let users back into the system.

If users use Terminal Services to connect to the database from outside the local area network, use Task Manager and End Task on the msaccess.exe process for that user. It works better than the Quit feature for Terminal Server users.

Compact rebuilds indexes in tables and completely deletes records marked for deletion. If you make a lot of changes to the database, it is a good practice to Compact monthly. All users must be out of the database to Compact it. You can use the Quit feature to ensure this occurs.

The Combo form lets you edit simple tables that only have a couple fields and are commonly used in combo boxes. An example of this is Charge on the Arrest form or Location on the Shift form. Those labels are blue. When you click on them, the Combo form opens to the record in the combo box so you can edit it or add a new value. The Sort field lets you control the order of values in the Combo. You can set Sort to a value like 1.75 to insert a record between sort value 1 and 2.

Some combos show a link at the bottom of the form that lets you edit the records that contain that value.

The Data Integrity form is a framework for simple queries that lets you see records that may have incorrect data. There are lines that show what the query shows and how to fix the problems.

Calc counts the number of records returned by each query. It can take several minutes, so Calc1 returns the count of records for the current query.

Sel selects the records and opens the appropriate form so you can edit each record.

Export lets you export the records similar to the Table Export feature. .

View shows the records found by a query in read-only format.

Some queries have a Fix button that lets you automatically fix problems. It is generally a good idea to back up the database and View the records before using this feature.

SQL shows the raw SQL statement in a query so you can understand specifically what the query returns.

These queries allow users to enter data quickly without stopping to confirm information. They are easy to add, so encourage your users to identify areas where they have data entry problems and we can add a DI query to help them.

Click User on the Setup form to open the User form. You must be a super user to add or delete users or change info about other users. Click New to add a new user. Enter the UserID that the user will enter when logging in. If you want to let the user add other users, click Super. You probably don't need more than one or two Super users per location. Enter the First and Last name into userName. Enter phone and email address if you like.

Enter the password and confirm it. IMPORTANT: After confirming the password, click the UserName field. Do not use the tab or enter key. When the Confirm Password AfterUpdate event is fired, the encrypted passwords on your C: drive are copied to the server and other users are informed that an update is available. This way, any authorized user can log into the database from any PC.

NOTE FOR SUPER USERS: Each user has dpd_.mdw in their c:\work\ folder. It is a copy of the 'official' z:\ageebk.mdw file on the server. To avoid a sharing violation when someone adds a user or changes a password, nobody should routinely use z:\ageebk.mdw to log into the database. When a user logs in to the database, it compares the dates of c:\work\dpd_.mdw and z:\ageebk.mdw. If c:\work\dpd_.mdw is older, it offers an update. You won't be able to add users or change passwords unless you have the current MDW file.

If you encounter problems, you can manually perform this MDW process by copying z:\ageebk.mdw to c:\work\dpd_.mdw, adding users, then copying your c:\work\dpd_.mdw back to z:\ageebk.mdw.